How It Works

Magna-Guard Oil Filter Magnets more than double engine service life by removing 40 times more grit than your filter can alone. They eliminate engine wear by 14 times and increase fuel economy by as much as 5% by removing a majority of all contaminant particles down to 0.5 microns. Magna-Guard Oil Filter Magnets are SAE tested engine safe.

2 Steps To Achieving Enhanced Engine Performance


Step 1 - Insert

Insert 1 Standard Oil Filter Magnet or 2 Mini Oil Filter Magnets into the engine oil filter.


Step 2 - Install

Install the oil filter into the vehicle.


Decrease Oil Contamination

Lube oil contamination accounts for 70-80% of all engine failures and wear problems. No matter the road conditions, engines shed metal grit particles through the oil filter and into the oil. This causes the engine to run hotter and leads to increased oil breakdown. Sludge then forms and the oil loses its ability to protect the engine. 

The wear process promoted by oil contamination leads to:

The Solution is Magna-Guard


Times More Grit
Removed Than Filter Alone


Times Reduction
In Engine Wear


Increase In
Fuel Economy


Reduction In
Tailpipe Emissions


Increase in Basic Oil Change Profits

Enhance Business

Selling Magna-Guard Oil Filter Magnets will have an exponential impact on your business.

Increase Ticket Averages and Profits

Increase profits from Oil Filter Magnets sales.

Build Customer Trust & Confidence

Offering optimum performance and reliability with your preventative maintenance program builds trust and confidence in your services.

Increase Service Opportunities

Increase service opportunities per vehicle per customer from extended engine life.

Increase Customer Retention

Increase customer retention, reviews, and positive word of mouth from satisfied customers.

Enhance Engines

The cleaner your motor oil is, the better your engine will run, and the longer it will last.

Reducing grit in the oil reduces friction, improves compression, increases engine efficiency, and reduces the chain-reaction of engine wear.

Reduces Maintenance & Operating Costs

Less time and money spent on vehicle service and maintenance.

Extends Service Life

Improved reliability and extended useful life of the engine.

Improves Fuel Economy

Better gas mileage and savings.

Reduces Tailpipe Emission

Decreased tailpipe pollution.


Science & Technology

  • SAE Tested Engine Safe, does not void vehicle warranties.
  • Titan International Lab Tests confirms Magna-Guard controls particle contamination in motor oil down to 0.5-microns.
  • SAE Technical Papers confirm Benefits of Magna-Guard.

    • 8 to 14 times reduction in engine wear
    • 3.7 to 5% increase in fuel economy
    • Up to 18% reduction in toxic tailpipe emissions


Don’t take our word, see what the experts say.


Magna-Guard is an oil filter magnet that is placed in the oil filter at each oil change. I’ve lone been an advocate of magnetic drain plugs and other magnetic technologies, and Magna-Guard makes it as simple as it gets. According to Magna-Guard, the magnets help the engine last longer by attracting metal debris and keeping it from circulating in the engine oil. I agree.

Magna-Guard… attracts and traps micro-fine metal particles that are generated during normal engine operation… prevents these particles from re-circulating into the oil and through the engine… can turn any oil filter into a super-filter, thus extending engine life, improving fuel economy and preserving horsepower.

Even under the best driving conditions and the most meticulous maintenance, your engine will shed a little metal… These particles can work their way back into the engine and cause wear on a number of key components… An economical way to extend the life of your engine is with the Magna-Guard.

Metal shavings can be the death of your engine… avoid the trouble and expense of engine damage. Magna-Guard… It sticks to the wall of the filter and traps metal particles as they travel through. Add a new one each time you change your oil.

…the concept is brilliant. Just drop the magnet inside the filter whenever it’s changed and your engine will be better for it. This prevents friction and premature engine wear.


Questions? We’ve got answers.

What’s so special about Magna-Guard as opposed to using any magnet?

The material that regular magnets are made from can corrode inside oil filters adding contamination into the oil. Additionally, heat causes regular magnets to lose their force of attraction. They can become dislodged inside the filter, sucked up into the engine, and cause catastrophic failure.

Will engine oil heat cause Magna-Guard to lose its force of attraction?

Magna-Guard is a powerful 3850-gauss, monolithic ceramic-8 magnet. It is totally insoluble in oil and is rated to a temperature of 842° Fahrenheit. Most internal combustion engines operate at 240° Fahrenheit, well below the operation temperature of Magna-Guard.

By placing Magna-Guard inside the oil filter, won’t this restrict oil flow through the filter?

Magna-Guard does not restrict oil flow. Instead, it enhances oil flow through the filter as it captures particles that would otherwise clog the filter paper. This provides enhanced lubrication to the engine over every oil change cycle.

To prove Magna-Guard is engine safe, The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Test J806, Resistance to Flow, was performed to measure differential pressure over a regime of flow rates ranging from 1 gallon to over 8 gallons per minute. The results of this test are as follows:

“The Magna-Guard Magnet does not significantly change the flow characteristics of this filter. The selected flow range is standard for automotive type oil filters. The Magna-Guard Magnet did not move within the filter throughout the flow regime.”

It’s worthwhile noting that with usage, a filter’s porous element becomes clogged reducing oil flow. Magna-Guard helps prevent filter clogging. Additionally, Magna-Guard continues to work efficiently even if the filter goes into bypass.

Many dirt and wear particles in oil are non-ferrous. Why should I use Magna-Guard?

Lube oil contamination accounts for 70% to 80% of all engine failures. The main reason we change oil is not because it lost its lubricity, it is because the majority of dirt particles are in the same size range as the oil film that separates and protects moving parts (8-10 microns). These small particles easily pass through the oil filter. As ferrous (iron) particles are attracted to Magna-Guard, they pull other elements with them and trap them against the inner wall of the filter. Magna-Guard can control particulate contamination well below the 10-micron rang.

GM’s SAE Technical Paper 881825 documents replacing a standard 38-mircon oil filter with 10-micron filtration can double the useful service life of the oil and filter – MOST IMPORTANTLY, can increase engine life from 150,000 miles to over 400,000 miles.

Magna-Guard can virtually eliminate the major cause of engine wear.

What are the benefits of adding Magna-Guard at each oil change?

SAE Technical Paper 881827 documents the following benefits of controlling particulates down to the 10-micron rage:

  • Optimizes engine performance and reliability
  • Up to a 5% increase in fuel economy
  • 18% reduction in emission
  • 8 to 14 times reduction in engine wear
  • More than doubles engine service life
  • Reduces overall operating and maintenance costs

I lease my car and get a new one every year. Why should I use Magna-Guard?

Magna-Guard controls particulate contamination below the 10-micron. This increases compression and reduces blowby allowing the engine rings to seat tighter to the engine wall.

If you are excited by peak engine performance, depend on its reliability, appreciate fuel economy, and want to reduce overall preventative maintenance costs, Magna-Guard is for you.

And yes – most vehicles are traded or sold before the engine wears out. As a nation we recycle, ration water, police pollution, and condemn waste and the devastation of our natural resources. Consider the enormous amount of energy and resources wasted by poor maintenance, engine breakdowns, and premature oil changes. Are we not using our planet’s resources up at an alarming rate? Magna-Guard serves as an important conservation tool regardless of who owns your vehicle next year – and reduces air pollution too!

I want the benefits of Magna-Guard, but I’m afraid to put anything inside my oil filter.

Magna-Guard turns your oil filter into a super filter by removing contaminants and debris that otherwise would continuously re-circulate through the filter and remain in the oil system. During our research of oil filters and associated magnetic filtering devices, it became apparent that the outflow reservoir is precisely the best place to maximize this benefit. At the same time, we have simplified installation. And YES – Magna-Guard is the most cost-effective engine saver in the industry.

Do you also offer an external device?

Since 1927, nearly 100 patents have been issued for magnetic devices designed for the filtration and purification of engine fluids – including the Patent for the Magna-Guard Oil Filter Magnet.

Recently, a number of expensive magnetic oil filter devices have been introduced that either adhere to the outside wall of the oil filter or sandwich between the filter and the engine. The particles they collect form fingers of debris extending into the oil flow that can breakaway and recontamination the cycling oil. In some cases, this causes a buildup that restricts oil flow at the inflow or outflow orifices. Additionally, should these devices vibrate on the filters housing (sometimes they do), they can wear a hole in the filter allowing any number of negative scenarios to occur. Having learned from their mistakes, we do not offer such a device.

Could using Magna-Guard void my OEM vehicle warranty?

Magna-Guard has no negative impact on your vehicle warranty. It will not reduce oil flow, come loose, or damage the engine in any way. The oil filter (OE or Aftermarket) retains its original design function and no alterations of any kind are made to the vehicle.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act guarantees that you’re free to do your own maintenance or to have preventive maintenance performed at the service outlet of your choice. When you perform preventive maintenance required under the terms of your vehicle’s warranty, save your receipts. That way you can prove that you have lived up to your end of the warranty if your vehicle ever requires warranty covered repairs. Dealers or salesmen cannot legally claim that using aftermarket parts instead of original equipment brands void your vehicle warranty. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act makes it against the law for warranties to be conditional on the use of a specified brand of product unless the brand is provided free.

Can the magnet be reused?

Magna-Guard is designed to be discarded with the used oil filter. This prevents contamination from being introduced to your next oil change

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